Monday, June 08, 2009

First Beach Trip of 2009...

...just for the day, to Isle of Palms.

You know, there are some very well kept secrets in SC. First is the peaches. I am sorry for all of you who have been led to believe that GA peaches are the standard. Probably, SC folks didn't want anyone getting their amazing peaches, so they let everyone think the best ones came from GA. But it's just not true.

Second is the real SC beaches. Myrtle Beach is just not the best SC beach, folks. It's nice enough (hit the north end, if you must), but the prettiest ones are south of Charleston - Seabrook Island, Hilton Head, Edisto, etc. We went to Isle of Palms today because it has a public access. It's nice - a little crowded for my taste, but it's close. If you can afford to rent a big house further down the island, it's much nicer. We were going for cheap today. Worth the drive and $7 to park.
The Babyhawk carrier worked great on the beach! Zzzzzzzz.....

Funny - looks like Micah is about to pounce on this kid!

I've never enjoyed taking a crawling baby to the beach. But this kid was amazing! Not a word of complaint unless I tried to set him in the water! He tolerated mouthfuls of sand, diaper full of sand and crawling on the sand! And did it with a smile!

Every child must try eating sand. I don't know why but that's just the way it is.

Love the ride home! There is not a better way to wear out kids than the beach!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hopeless Geek

I have never assumed I was cool. Never really even pretended. I know I'm a geek. And it's getting worse. Now I'm a coupon geek and it's really fun! Most of (the 4 of) you who would be reading this blog have already heard my coupon diatribe. So I'll spare you that. But I just had to share that today I bought $98 worth of stuff at CVS pharmacy and paid only $28! And it was good stuff - Pampers, Dove soap, fancy razor for Rick (that was free), my favorite kind of paper towels and dish soap. I was so excited.

And to further prove my geek-ness, I let Rick take a picture of the stuff but I'm not going to post it. I have a very small amount of dignity (and it was the pharmacy - slightly more personal than groceries!)

Then, instead of taking a Sunday afternoon nap, I went to Rite Aid and spent $11 on $40-some dollars of stuff. No picture, though.

I think one of the reason's that I think this couponing stuff is fun is because it's a bit of a challenge. Also, I get a some free stuff that I don't really need and can donate it to our local foodbank, like the 25 cent toothpaste I got today that is a kind we don't use. But the best reason I like it is because I am taking half of the amount I save (which today is $50 - yeah) and depositing into the "Teresa Discretionary account." I haven't decided what the money will be for yet. Possibly braces for Katie (I love my girl but her teeth are looking a little goofy - don't tell her I said that, by the way). Or maybe first a cruise for our 15th anniversary next year, then braces. Or maybe something else. But watching that little savings account stack up is very exciting so it provides incentive for me to keep clipping like a fool. And telling you about it!

One other thing to share - the 2 big kids had their gymnastics meet (non-competitive, more like a showcase). It was very funny. Here are a couple fun pics. The quality isn't great - I was using the zoom and it was a little dim in the gym.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts...

I originally started this blog to keep far away friends and family updated on us but it quickly became my own (public) journal of things I want to remember, specifically about the kids.

So here are some doozy's from today! At the bank drive-thru, the speaker was turned a little loud so the teller's voice was a little loud. Micah comments after we leave, "Wow. That was one loud-talking lady." That was funny to me.

Last night at gymnastics, he and his buddy Cameron were standing on the top of the back of a folding chair (which amazingly stayed standing up) and looking over a half-wall into the gym. Cam leaned in too far and fell into the gym, which Micah laughed at, so his mom and I quickly nixed standing on the top of the chair. Micah promptly climbed back up there so I pinched the back of his leg. He screamed and turned to Cameron and pinched him, thus initiating a pinching war. Cameron's mom and I were laughing so hard that it took a minute to clear up the fact that I was the one who pinched him. Again, it was funny to me!

Katie is the typical bossy little girl lately. She was very upset at church last week and when I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I'm just so frustrated that my friends won't do what I tell them to do." Not funny, but very typical of Katie these days! However, I must add that she is reading a chapter book right now! I was skeptical of whether or not she actually read each page but she read some to me. I am still in shock that she can actually read. I don't know what I thought they did all day at school!

Riley ate his own kids meal today! Almost all of a cheese sandwich at Schlotzky's. I guess I'm going to have to get even better at this couponing if I'm going to feed all these kids! Speaking of couponing, I totally get a kick out of it! I spent $40 today for $110 worth of groceries and it was good stuff - Tide, Edy's ice cream, Clorox 2, etc. I think I will probably be unable to buy stuff at regular price now that I have been getting it for so cheap. Rick laughed at me for the first few weeks. Now he is getting into it. We got to put sod in part of the yard with all that we've been saving on groceries, so that was cool to see it pay off.

I guess those are all my meandering thoughts for today! 2 more weeks of school and then we can sleep past 6:30. Woohoo!

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Well, we snuck in 9 month pictures just a week before he turns 10 months! He is currently sporting 2 lovely bottom teeth and the first half of 3 on the top. He's a quick crawler and seems inclined to spelunking, as he has an aptitude for finding (and getting stuck in) tight spots. He migrates towards crawling and climbing challenges and sticks things out for a surprisingly long time before getting frustrated. He is still such a delight to all of us and maintains his easy-going little personality. God knew that we needed and easy-going one!

The other 2 are doing good too. My favorite thing to tell about Micah this week is that on Thursday, he and Rick walked Katie to class at the usual 7:20 am. In the hallway, crowded with students, parents and teachers, Micah asks (loudly, of course) "Daddy, where is your beer? You don't have your beer?" Please note that the night before, Rick had shaved his beard off! The stinky looks he got from a couple teachers was quite funny! Hopefully, everyone also heard Rick say "Beer-duh, Micah. It's called a beard!"

They have both been taking gymnastics this spring and it's quite entertaining to watch. We are absent the gene for grace and coordination. Katie, however, has mastered the splits. It stands to reason that she would most excel in an area of athletics where she could sit! To be fair, she is also pretty good on the balance beam. Micah, on the other hand, had better never be pulled over and asked to walk a straight line because he can't! He is thoroughly incapable of walking for more than one step on the beam! Quite funny to watch.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now! Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I'm Doing Today

So, I was laying (lying? laying? whatever.) in bed last night, well really this morning, and having all these brilliant thoughts of things I ought to blog about. Then I must have dozed off because all of a sudden I was dreaming that I was in this really amazing bathroom but the shower didn't have a curtain and that was stressing me out. Body image issues in my dreams. Great.

Anyway, so I can't remember what I was going to blog about. But this morning while I was painting the bathroom( quick, cheap renovation job) I was listening to one of my all-time favorite albums, "All Things New" by Watermark, and so here is my inspiration for the day.

I am not redeemed by corruptible things - not by silver, not by gold, not by aimless tradition - but by the blood of God's sacred son. Jesus.

I love this when I look at the definitions for redeemed :

to buy back : repurchase : to free from what distresses or harms: to free from captivity by payment of ransom : to release from blame or debt : to free from the consequences of sin : to change for the better : to free from a lien by payment of an amount secured thereby : to remove the obligation of by payment

So there you go.

And had to include a pic. Lene, the one on the bottom is my kids last easter in that dress I sent you. I'd send you the matching boy outfit but I just bet Kent isn't quite ready for it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Loving This Baby

We continue to be amazed at Riley! He is the sweetest and easiest baby! He said his first word this week - 'mama'! It doesn't get any better than that!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quick Catch-up

Well, the holiday's were great. We saw most of the family and a few friends over a couple weeks (which is why I say "holidays" instead of Christmas). The kids were all thrilled with what Santa (and mom and dad) brought and it was a fast and fun 2 weeks off.

So now we are trying to get into the 2009 groove. I have been lazy with Micah and he's a little behind in some things, so I have work to do. We moved him out of his crib this week which has gone wonderfully. He is too cute in his big bed and he hasn't gotten out of it. yet. Finishing the almighty potty training is next on the list. Boo. Then onto Riley and his freaky sleeping habits. And then Katie and her finger-sucking habits. And then... Oh well, one thing at a time.

Riley is doing great. He is eating baby food now, and a good deal of table food. I break all of the baby food laws so he has had a bunch of different things and seems quite agreeable with everything, except prunes and bananas. A child after my own heart. I'd let you know how big he was but I'm a little behind on the well child checkups (lost that mother-of-the-year-award again) so I don't really know how big he is. But he turns 6 months next week and I just noticed that the 3-6 month sleepers (which should be called "livers" because he lives in them, not just sleeps) are getting a little small, so that seems about average.

Micah is doing good too. He has mellowed out quite a bit over the last few weeks which is nice for everyone. I've started teaching him to read music and he's picking it up really well so far. He has mastered letters and numbers so I thought this would be a good challenge for him since he seems to have picked up the musical genes.

Katie is reading like a champ these days which isn't nearly as exciting to her as it is to us. She is far more interested in her social calendar which is, sadly, much fuller than my own! Life is pretty sweet for her and she has been making some new and very nice friends this year, so we are glad for her. She continues to be very good with her little brothers and I really count on her help (and she generally comes through.)

Rick made it through the Christmas season and got all of his jewelry jobs done with 2 days to spare, so that was good. He had a busy season but did some amazing pieces. I am glad he has the chance to keep those skills up. It's a good outlet for his unending creativity as well.

Well, as for me, I'm just trucking along. I'm about to start reading "The Shack" which I have been delaying because it seems to be a difficult one to get through, emotionally. But even Rick has read (well, actually listened to) it and I seem to be one of the few left to tackle it, so I guess I'll jump off the cliff like every other lemming! Besides that I don't guess I'm doing anything particularly note-worthy. As long as everyone gets fed and washed and doesn't watch too much TV, I figure I'm doing an okay job! :) Happy new year!

My sweet, smiley baby who is growing way too fast.

This is my nephew Pax and my kids at the childrens museum here in SC. Katie is trying to catch the "snow" (aka bubbles, which is about all the snow they'll likely see here in SC, thank goodness!)